Coffee Vending Machine UAE

The First Class Vending brand offers the next generation coffee vending for this generation. We’re one of the most authentic suppliers of coffee vending machines in UAE. So, your employees and customers don’t need to drive for high-class coffee, as we provide it right at your place. Certainly, we’re proud to be the best in automated vending services. We’re the perfect choice for your vending solutions and we serve it as you deserve it. One of the major benefits of our coffee vending machines is, they are less of a burden on the facilities, budget and site space. By using our vending solution, you need no additional staff and you save a lot of money. Our machines, despite being able to run 24 hours a day, use only a small amount of electricity. Our coffee vending equipment offers convenience that is hard to beat. They’re perfect for the caffeine fix as you don’t have to bother about the consistency of the coffee quality.

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